Husband and wife team Julian and Kate Hindson both bring individual talents and experience to Titanium Design. They met on the job and have worked for agencies separately since, but in 2003 came together to start Titanium Design full time. 


Julian is a senior designer and creative, he currently works across a diverse range of customers, helping them to expand and grow their businesses, by leveraging his passion, skill and eye for detail that he has honed over the past 30 years.

Julian aims to innovate and create exciting new work, that elevate the presentation levels of his customers businesses and brand. With an easy going personality, Julian loves a challenge and thrives on delivering the impossible, running on nothing more than coffee and a positive, can-do attitude.


Kate is a senior designer, creative and illustrator. Kate is passionate about making businesses look their best and enjoys really understanding each business she works with in order to tell their story visually in the most effective way. Kate works with many different medias both physical and digital to create a unique design aesthetic. She can work in many different styles to suit each companies needs. 

With an eye for detail developed over 20 years, Kate aims to innovate and create work that elevates her customers business presentation to new levels.

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